Pakistan is known to the adventure world for two things. One is the country’s true hospitality oriented culture, which attracts tourist from around the world to travel to Pakistan no matter what. The way hospitality matters in a Pakistani society is unbelievable, especially in the areas of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral, they are the people who force you  to come back trip after trip each and every season once you get to know them. They are born hospitable, grown up with knowledge, thrilled by enthusiasm, and well experienced to turn any of your travel dreams into reality. On the other hand, mountain peaks like K2 and Nanga Parbat inspire the adventure lovers to put Pakistan on the top of their bucket list. The variety of Pakistani  mountain and glacier areas is that they are often less travelled and  quiet than  any other part of the world. They are more challenging, aggressive, extreme  adventurous ,and situated in remote locations making them  less known in the eyes of the outside world. Surprisingly, there are trekking routes never been travelled, peaks never been climbed, and glaciers never been explored and measured  in our country till today. In addition, during the past, the confusion about Pakistan’s perception through the media across the globe over the  War Against Terror, consequently closed doors of tourism and adventure in this magic land of mountain wonders.  In a sense, nature got refreshed and rejoiced during those silent years of tourism, as well as this element of perception  raised  the value of adventure in Pakistan for adventures giving the opportunity also to explore themselves, finding out who they are in terms of experience VS challenge. That means, if you are willing to do something  not yet done, you dreaming to  adventure beyond imagination, and you excited to begin a journey from where the others end, come your right destination is Pakistan