Rakaposhi 7788 meters

Rakposhi 7788 meters

Elevation 7788 meters
First Accent 1958 by Mike Banks
 Location/ Coordinate 36.14345°N / 74.48936°E
 Region Hunza/ Nagar
 Range Western Corner of Karakoram
 Type Expedition: Climbing
 Season Summer/ Winter
 Days Over 29
 Level Professional
 Price Negotiable

Rakaposhi is the most famous peak of beautiful Hunza valley. The huge massif dominates the skyline for a vast stretches of the Karakoram highway, first seen North of Aliabad yet still visible as far south as Gilgit. The mountain is extremely broad measuring almost 20km from East to West. It is the only peak on Earth that drops directly, uninterrupted, for almost 6000m from the summit to the base. It has three routes: the long western route, the northern high route or the extreme adventurous eastern route. Which route you would like to challenge, we are here to help you.