Spantik Peak 7,027 meters

Spantik Peak Golden Peak 7,027 m

Elevation 7027 meters
First Accent 1955 by Karl Kramer’s
 Location/ Coordinate 35.5912° N, 76.4054° E
 Region Baltistan
 Range Karakorum
 Type Expedition: Climbing
 Season Summer/ Winter
 Days Over 20
 Level Professional
 Price Negotiable

Spantik peak is also known as Golden Peak for its golden wall facing Hunza from the south. It is considered the most attainable 7000m peak in the Karakoram.
There are two prominent ridges; South East and North West. South East is a long and demanding snow ridge with few sections of technical and difficult. The North West (Golden Pillar) is massive combination of ice and rock. Spantik is a truly Himalayan scale objective: an ideal next step for those who have previously climbed a 6000m trekking peak, or for those preparing for an 8000m expedition.