Family Trips around Skardu



Family Trips around Skardu- Baltistan

Skardu is capital of Baltistan Division in Gilgit-Baltistan. Skardu located in between the Karakorum and Himalaya range offering Peaks, River, Lake, Desert, Rocks, and Greenery at a single glance.  It is gateway and hub for adventure tourism.   Baltistan region has 4 Districts including Skardu, Shigar, Ghanche and Kharmang.  The whole region has unique natural beauty and attractions for sightseeing as well as camping sites including Deosai; the 2nd highest plateau in the world!  Please go thorough and select itinerary as per your schedule or just ask us to shape the itinerary and price as per your interest and budget. Please, be informed, all the designed trips in this segment have included economy plus service level, however if you need VIP package then we will be providing stay and dine at Serena Shigar Fort, Serena Khaplu Fort and Shangri-La Resort Skardu, let us know we will come up with complete  detail of VIP package.  

Attractions | Destinations  for Family Trips 

Skardu| Shangri-La | Upper Kachura Lake| Kachura Xoq| Deosai Plain| Manthal Buddha Rock | Sadpara Lake| Kharphocho Fort| Cold Deserts| Katpana Lake | Indus River| Shigar River| Shiyok River| Hushe River| Siachen River|  Shigar Fort | Shigar Valley | Shigar Hot Spring| Kharmang Valley|Manthokha Waterfall | Khamosh Waterfall| Khaplu Valley | Khaplu Fort|Khanqah Khaplu| Thoqsikhar| Chaqchan Mosque |  Saling| Saling Fish Farm | Sogha Lake and Fish Farm|  Machulo | Mashabrum View Point Machulo | Hushe valley| Hushe Village| Saltoro and Siachen Giari Sector 

Best Time to visit 

Baltistan has 4 season; spring, summer, autumn, and harsh winter.  If you love spring blossom then the best time is 25 March to 15 April, while the lush green summer is May to September.  If you want to enjoy autumn and golden colors then plan 20 October to 10 Nov.  We are open round the year and ready to host your family trip anytime.  

Getting into Skardu 

  • By Flight- PIA operates daily flight between Islamabad and Skardu, and in peak season it operates twice daily.  90 Percent guests come to Skardu by flight. 
  • By Road through KKH-   Rawalpindi- Hazara Motorway- abbottabad- Mehnsera; then Kaghan Naran Babuser Route or Batagram- Bisham KKH route and get into Chilas-  From Chilas to Jugolot and Roundo route or Astore- Deosai and get into Skardu.  Let us know if you want road trip from Islamabad to Islamabad.