Bike Tours

Mountain Biking/ Cycling in Gilgit-Baltistan

Elevation Up to 4500 meter
Region Gilgit Baltistan/ Chitral
Type Cycling / Adventure
 Season April to October
Places Gilgit/Hunza/ Skardu/Shigar/ Deosai/ Astore/ Khaplu/ Hushe/Shandur/ Chitral
 Level Professional
 Duration Up to 20 days

Pakistan offers some of the worlds best adventurous roads for bike tours.The Karakoram Highway, Gilgit Chitral Road, Sawat to Chitral and Shandur, Gilgit to Skardu Road, Gilgit, Astore and Deosai, and Valley by valley in Baltistan deep in the remote and rural areas.These roads are both paved and unpaved. Where ever you , the people are nice and welcoming, and the weather mostly remains ideal for road trips. Often in the remote areas, roads are still unpaved, narrow, steep and slope, zigzags, and river crossings, all elements of enjoying a bike ride you will find only in this part of the world.

Bike sports also getting popular among domestic tourist, specially among the young generation. Pakistani young talented women Samar Khan reached Gilgit Baltistan riding a bike, not only she travelled over the KKH, she went beyond the roads up on the glaciers in Baltistan and made history. You want to take a start from the Khunjerab Pass down to Hunza Valley and get other places, Or you prefer starting from bottom to up valleys adjusting with the altitudes, either way we are here to make things work for you in a way that not only you enjoy the current trip but also put another trip of Pakistan with K2 PAKISTAN in your bucket list right with the end of the current itinerary.