Expeditions & Trekking Services

Expeditions & Trekking  Services 

To all trekking and climbing expeditions groups, we provide the following services in our full-Board packages. 

  • Trekking & Climbing Permit  
  • Cargo service assistance- Import and export of equipment related climbing and tourism activities
  • Transportation- Both flight and Road Transports
  • Hotel Accommodation- (Quality Rooms double Occupancy) 
  • Food & Meal-  hotel or restaurants foods in Skardu, All restaurant meals during Tours, Trekking  and at Base Camps 
  • Tents- Mess tent, Kitchen tent, Members tent, Toilet / shower tent, (member tents always come with mattresses) 
  • Kitchen equipment and utensils  including table and chairs 
  • Tour Guide 
  • Kitchen crews and  Cooks 
  • Porter Sirdar
  • Porters
  • Insurance of Guide, Porters, Kitchen Crew and HAP as per the Govt. Rule 
  • All camping fees, Passes and Bridges crossing fees and Natural Parks fees 
  • Basic first aid 
  • Social Media team ( On Demand, Separate costing needed) 
  • Professional Photographer and Film maker ( On Demand, Separate costing needed) 
  • High Altitude Porters -HAP-( On Demand, Separate costing needed) 
  • Pakistan’s Visa Assistance 


Visa Assistance 

 All international visitors need visa to enter Pakistan.  In order to get Pakistan’s visa, we provide supporting documents such as Visa invitation letter, hotel booking, the license copy of our company as well as complete bio-data of our company’s CEO including his passport copy.  Please note, our visa assistance service only for those who are agreed to have our traveling services, other than we never sell out only visa invitation letter. 

Pakistan has recently introduced E-visa system for 175 countries around the world.  Please follow the link to know more about E-visa and application process. 





We offer transport services for sightseeing trips around Skardu, Khaplu, Shigar, Deosai and Hunza valleys. We provide all kind of Parado and native drivers who are familiar with all tourists’ attractions throughout Gilgit- Baltistan region and able to lead your trip with complete care and safety! 


Vehicle & Price Charts


Per Day without Fuel 

Per Day with Fuel

Minimum Days 

Parado Up Module




Parado Down Model 










Please note, the above is our regular price chart. However, increased in demand sometimes leads more expensive and while decrease in demand may decrease the price too. 


Camping Services 

Nothing beats spending a camping night at Deosai plain Skardu. Deosai is 2nd highest plateau on earth having 4000m average altitude. There are designated camping sites which of them the famous locations are Bara Pani, Shatung Nala.  Spend a night and feel you are living at Space and glamping experience too.  Our camping services may included Dome Tents, Kitchen Tents, Mess tents, toilet tents, Table chairs, Foods, BBQ, Sleeping Bags, Mattress,  Kitchen crews, Transport and musical nights as per your inquiry and budget too.  Kids under ages of 10 not recommenced. Please, fill- out the following inquiry form for Deosai Camping Services. 

  • Name 
  • Nationality 
  • Email 
  • Cell No
  • No of Person
  • Date  
  • Total nights you want to camp
  • Where you are coming from? Skardu Astore 

Services Yes No Quantity 

Tents Yes 

Kitchen Tent Yes 

Mess Tent

Sleeping Bags


Table and Chairs 

Meal Yes 

Kitchen Crew Yes 



Musical Night



Travel Guides 

Traveling without guides is watching documentary without voice!   K2 Pakistan offers travel guides all around Skardu and Hunza region. We have native professional guides as well as volunteers who are able to make you’re traveling informative and learning so does lead your travel with complete care and safety. 

Home & Hotel Booking 

 We provide homes stay in Skardu for family as well as we do hotel booking around Skardu and Khaplu. Please fill up the following form if you looking forward to experience home stay and also for booking hotels.  We will come up with complete info and detail. 

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Cell No
  • Nationality 
  • No of Persons
  • No of Days
  • Date  
  • Home| Hotel| Guest House  
  • Your Ideal Homes 
  • Your Ideal hotel or Guests House
  • Name of the Hotel or Guest House