Terms & Conditions

This website is operated by K2 PAKISTAN and throughout the site, the terms We, Us and Our refer to the company K2 PAKISTAN and; Guests, You, Yours, Persons, and Members refer to being any person travelling or intending to travel on any tour operated by the company.

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using or purchasing ours services. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you represent that you are at least the age of maturity in your state and you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

1. K2 PAKISTAN offers both full-board and service-on demand packages. Our full-board packages come with one service-standard and one fixed price for all. However service-on demand package gives a lot of add and skip option to facilitate our guest according to their taste of travel. The services and price offered by themselves within service on demand packages.

2. Reservations can be made by email or phone call. Trip reservation is considered final once guests and we are agreed on the cost quotation and itinerary. The cost quotation is  strictly linked with itinerary, hotel nights and  number of guests in group. If any guest leave the group, then further costing needed.

3. After finalizing the reservation and cost quotation the trips are considered confirmed once we received half or more payment.

4. The cost & price quotation currency will be in USD or Euro for international guests while for Domestic in Rupees.

5. Payment mode: Cash, Check or Transferring online modes

6. Payment in full on the day of your arrival or one day before departure for the trip. No trip is going to proceed for its destinations unless,the full payment is received from all the group guests or individual guest and the additional hotel’s night will be responsible  of the group or guests in this case.

7. Cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to K2 PAKISTAN by the guest himself/herself, either by phone call or email.  No refund at all once started the trip,  and 75%  payment will be deducted if the trip is canceled by the guest before 15 days  of starting the trip, while before one month, half payment will be deducted.

8. Splitting the group is not allowed in between the trip unless otherwise in emergencies.

9. In case of 7,  if the trip is canceled,  No refund of peaks climbing Royalty or trekking  fee is possible  as per the rule of government.

10. In case of skipping a trip in between, any unexpected and additional cost such as additional hotel nights, porter age or transportation will not be covered by us for either a group or individual guest. In addition, in case of skipping the trip/tour/ expedition, no refund of the agreed cost is made for the guest.

11. Trips’ itinerary not changeable once started

12. Hotel, transport, porter or any other service used other than we provide will not be payable by us.

13. Hotel rooms and tents on camping always shared on double occupancy bases in our standard package, while road transport will be provided on maximum occupancy base.

14. Tent on camping is shared base during trekking and tours while individual tent is provided at the base camp for each expedition member.

15. Personal equipment, personal insurance, phone calls, internet service, laundry service, or any such other service not mentioned in the final agreement never include in the package.

16. No helicopter evocation service in the case of emergency for the guests neither for our staff includes in the price. Helicopter rescue evocation is the responsibility of the guests as per the rule of the government of Pakistan.

17. We cover the health insurance of the staff including Guides, Kitchen Staffs and porters.

18. No cargo charges and fees on export and import things by foreigner guests.

19. Further costing needed in case of extending the trips/ expedition for more days/ tenure etc than promised tenure.

20. No food and equipment facility includes in the cost for the climbers from above base camp, neither high porters wages included, however we will provide these mentioned service upon special request and further costing.

21. We are not liable for any natural accidents and disasters’ results neither the unexpected cost occurred by such accidents and disasters.

21. No commercial filming is allowed while taking the ordinary trip with us.

23. Once you purchased our services, we can use your photo and video in order to promote the company products and business.

24. No beverage cost while whole tour as well as no cost of soft drink (coke/ pepsi etc) at base camp includes in the price!

25. Climbing permit is required to climb above 6000 meters altitude peaks in Pakistan while trekking permit is required for restricted zones mentioned by the government of Pakistan. We need to apply for permit minimum of two months before get started the Expedition and trekking. We need all your personal data including Passport copy, Filled up Visa Form from all guests and filled up the designed mountaineering application form by the Leader of the group. These data will go through under the department of Interior Service of Pakistan in order to get security clearance and climbing or trekking permit.

26. We are not liable for anything if the group or individual guest do not get the security clearance, climbing or trekking permit or visa from the Government of Pakistan.

27. Personal Luggage for all packages. 25 Kgs for Trekker & Traveler, while for climbers 75 kgs for summer  and 150 kgs for winter expedition. Any extra luggage beyond this limit further chargeable.

28. No employee of the company other than the Managing Director has authority to vary or omit any of these terms or promise any discount or refund.