Baltoro Ghondoghoro Pass Trek

In the trekking and mountaineering history of Karakoram, the exploration of Ghandoghoro Pass was a huge revolution. During 1989/90, famous Mountain Guide Mr. Ali Shujaat from Khaney village Baltistan (now in USA) went searching for a shorter route to Concordia from Hushe Valley. His struggle was successful, and his team that day after they descended to other side camped around the corner of Vigne Glacier, named it Ali Camp. Today Ghondoghoro Pass Trek is on the top list among world’s renowned mountain trips. Before the exploration of Ghondoghoro Pass, trekkers and mountaineers would need to go back through the same route they went up. A vice versa trip would be boring and tiring, and that for the same price even higher in some cases. Ali’s exploration doubled the number of trekkers to Baltoro in the first 5 years, today it’s has become a dream journey for all the mountain adventure lovers around the world. We go up from Shiger Askole, enjoy as much as in the Baltoro, go to K2 Basecamp, Gashabrum Basecamp and return to Skardu via Ghondoghoro Pass through the beautiful Hushe Valley. It is indeed the heart line of Karakoram Mountains. A unique mountain trip, in which the ultimate goal is to see the world’s second highest peak K2 (8611m). In the neighborhood of K2, there stand 3 other 8000m peaks towering to the sky, Broad Peak, Gashabrum 1 and 2. In these basecamps there is also another golden opportunity to greet and take autographs of those famous mountaineers and athletes whom you been loving and following on social media. Watch how they doing in the mountains and get inspirations.  At K2 PAKISTAN, we always make sure to include Gashabrum BC in our Baltoro trip, so that you missed nothing in a life time experience. Other than  that the route is surrounded by 7000m and 6000m high mountains of snow and rock. Peaks like Gashabrum 4, Chogolisa, Mashabrum and Trango Towers will force you to think about coming back for another trip. The view starting form Askole till to Hushe village  sounds really a movie scene, but you need to walk and suffer instead of sitting on the sofas at your homes. Including Godwin Austin and the Abruzzi Glacier (Gashabrum B.C) and Vigne Glacier over the Pass and down to Hushe Valley via Ghondoghoro and Mashabrum Glaciers, all together approximately more than 160km of pure glacier walk will give you a real spirit thrilling experience. We also offer vice versa trips via the Baltoro glacier and Askole for those of you who wouldn’t prefer to go over the Ghondoghoro Pass because of its semi technical conditions. Our itineraries are flexible and customizable according to your taste of adventure. You want a faster trip, or you want to spend more days, lets know how may we help you to shape your adventure dreams. Come to prove your love for mountain and glaciers by trekking in the Baltoro. Either you want to join a group on a fixed departure or prefer a private trip, whichever you interested, just send us an email and start preparing for your journey into the “throne room of the mountain gods”.

Elevation maximum 5545m at the top of Ghondoghoro Pass
Region  Baltistan/Karakoram
Type Trekking/ Hiking/ Sightseeing
 Base Camp  K2, Broad Peak and Gashabrums
 Season Summer
Level Easy to Strenuous depending upon weather and altitude conditions
 Walking 5 to 7 hours every day
 Duration Up to 22 to 25  days Islamabad to Islamabad
 Price On request