The one who fights with the mountain is the one who loves it!

Strong wind and avalanche at 7000m stopped Denis Urubkov from going up trying for the final summit bid on Broad Peak 2020. Luckily he was survived in the accident and was able to come down to the base camp safe.

With that, the hope of summiting Broad Peak in the real metrological winter is over now, at least for this year. The first winter summit was made during March, 2013 by poles, however some folks including Urubkov himself don’t consider real winter summit made after the month of February. That’s why he was there till the last moment even after already his expedition members Don Bowie and Lotta Hintsa left the base camp.

Thank you Mr. Urubkov, It was great as always to follow your adventure. You inspire millions and millions love you for your bravery, for your commitment to keep the true essence of mountaineering still alive. Mountains of the world know who you are, and we know how much you love them all and how much you love the Karakoram mountains. Pakistan just as your second home, anytime you could come back and adventure!!

Leaders don’t give up till the end, the mountain may test you harder but either way you can’t take it easy or force the mountain, always you have to follow the mood of the mountain, and whenever feel its the right time to go back, stop right there! Congratulations sir, you are survived and your message is delivered to all even without being on the top! Thank you and have a safe trip back home.

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