The Significance of Biafo- Hisper trekking route; in History & today

Before the formation of glacier, people of Baltistan and Hunza used the Biafo – Hisper as a trade and travel route. At Baltit Fort in Karimabad Hunza, visitors are told in their regular briefing that the famous Baltit Fort was built by the Balti People with the idea of one of the Hunza’s ex –rulers to help his Balti Princess/Wife avoid homesickness. She was married and brought over to Hunza via the Biafo Hisper route. It is also said that the Raja of Baltistan also sent a bunch of families to live and settle around the fort on the request of his Son-in-Law, the ruler of Hunza that time.

Historians also refer that in Hunza, with the construction of Baltit fort, there were introduced different agricultural and cultivation procedures by those people same as Baltistan. Today the similarities of peace, food and hospitality on the both sides of the mountain witness those kinds of ties and relations.

 There is another interesting point about the past of this historical passage, in the famous Balti Folk Epic Story of Hlafu Kesar, Biafo Hisper been a big chapter. Kesar used this route while going in search of his kidnapped wife. Those who are aware of the story can explain how he went there with making a compromise with the rock towers of BraqDUN na CHaqDun, and played a promised Polo match after getting back there with his wife Hlango Brukmo in the Kesari Shagharan; (polo ground of Kesar) a vast field and the first campsite of Hisper trek after Askole at the mouth of the Biafo glacier.

Today Biafo & Hisper glaciers are enlisted the longest glaciers traverse in the world after the snow lands of the two poles. Together with Biafo and Hisper it becomes 134 km long. Hisper pass is a vast plateau of snow and ice having an altitude of 5151 meters. The beauty of this trip is that the view is stunning throughout the journey, and most of the peaks are less known, un- named and unclimbed. Unlike the Baltoro, where glacier is mostly covered up with stone and boulders, Biafo- Hisper offer more walk on white glacier and snow. Here you see the famous Snow Lake of Karakoram before ascending the actual pass. The trip is also known for bigger crevasses and rope trekking.  

Apart of that, there are also chance of watching the last generation of Himalayan Brown Bears, snow leopards, Ibex’s, and Marco Polo Sheeps. You can also see thousands of varieties of wild flowers at various campsites. If you have a thirst seeing unknown places, you love wild life and flowers, interested in culture with adventure, there can’t be no other place on earth than the Biafo Hisper Trek in Pakistan. For complete satisfaction and enjoyment, contact us and experience it with our local and professional team at K2 PAKISTAN.

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