K2 PAKISTAN was established during the year 2014. Approved and licensed by the ministry of tourism, we deal with all inbound adventure and cultural tourism management across Pakistan. Our expertise comprises in handling treks, tours, expeditions and safaris. We also take complete care of all private and special interested programs such as hunting, river rafting, paragliding and any other adventure sports activity. Adventure part is our specialization as our own footprints are left everywhere in the mountain and glacier areas of our home region Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. Whereas our passion and enthusiasm in cultural tourism, is because together with our guests, we can visit, discover and read the footprints of our homeland itself where it came from.

Good news for those of you who intend to explore, research, film, photograph and blog over the potentials of tourism industry in Pakistan, as a leading tour operator we understand the significance of media and assure you all of our commitment to serve beyond just a business point of view.

We are based in Skardu, as it is required by the nature of our business, the more near to the mountains, the more quick solutions possible. During the season, our team at Islamabad office takes care of all the paper work, booking, receiving, transfers and seeing off our guests. For the cultural part as it is intended for the off adventure season, we move all together to the south, so that we can pay more attention on how to make your journeys memorable through the cradle land of the Indus civilization, Gandhara Archaeology, and the Moghul Art and Architecture.